Conversion Rate Audit

A conversation rate optimisation audit is a process of continually exploring the reasons why visitors are not converting (purchasing or taking action, like signing up for a newsletter) on your website.

The audit is used to suggest several changes to your online page(s)– or site elements – to make them more likely to convert.

To get into full swing we need to know what the website goals, understand the pages that your product or service is trying to generate attention towards, and traffic being directed to a specific page or set of them.

The lift model similar to the heuristic evaluation is a framework we employ to evaluate a digital experience.  It identifies six key factors that influence your conversion rate; the value proposition (which is core to any optimisation process), relevance, clarity, anxiety, distraction, and urgency.

Qualitative (Heat mapping and other survey tools) and quantitative data (analytics) are used to identify how these factors have affected your website conversion.

For example, we may see users who clicked on a Call To Action are more likely to convert on your site but the volume of click is small. This means there is an issue with clarity. Making the CTA button more visible or placed in a different part of the site/page may improve usage and conversion.


Analytics Audit

We offer an analytics audits to ensure that the data collected by your website maintains accuracy. This can help inform your marketing strategy going forward and save you much time and hassle.

We offer Google analytics health check that will help determine whether the data collection your website offers is sufficient (i.e. could there be metrics you are missing out on?). Is the data valid and reliable? That is, are the data measuring what you think you are measuring (valid) and is it repeatable with the same results (reliable)?

We also aim to look into any technical difficulties such as page load time.

There are several things that could be wrong with your data analytics. Common tracking code issues include having the wrong filter settings. These can affect the data you see.

Inadvertently, you may filter out the relevant data from reporting. We can fix this as well as many other issues.

Collection of inaccurate or incomplete data will misinform your future business and marketing strategy. It is better to get it right once than live with the error forever.

Our services

Conversion Rate Optimisation

We will deliver a continuous optimisation programme. We will deliver this by setting up a plan, build new variations, Run the tests and continue to share learnings. All you need do is watch conversion rate, sales or leads improve.

Analytics Reporting

We deliver analysis reports on campaigns and daily business analysis. We provide you with outstanding insights that can help your business make the right decisions. 

Site Audit