Our Understanding of Your Business Needs

Your users are pivotal

To improve the conversion rate on your site we need to understand your users and their behaviour. It is not a problem if your website has low traffic. We will help you decide the best approach. We perform extensive user research to understand user behaviour and motivation and we execute rigorous data analysis (deep dive) using qualitative and quantitative tools such as Heat mapping tools (Crazy egg, Hotjar, Session cam and user replay) and Data analytics tools (Google Analytics and Adobe analytics).


Our Ideas

Creating impactful test variations

Ideas and Hypothesis are formed after reviewing the data from your website. You can call it an audit process. We look for the factors that may be holding back conversion rate on your website. 

Our Ideas are turned into hypothesis to develop innovative, disruptive ideas that will improve your website or landing page.

We prioritize our hypothesis to form a test plan using the PIE (Potential, Importance and Ease of building the test) and other related models for effectiveness


Testing phase

Launch and monitor tests

Now the first test is ready to go live, we answer these key questions to enable Go-Live:

  • What test method are we using – A/B, Split, or Multivariate test?
  • How long do we need to run the test?
  • What is statistical significance, and
  • Why is it critical?

We always define test duration and declare a winner/loser only after it has completed its run-time. The test duration relies mostly on the volume of visitors to the page that is being tested.



The Learn Phase

Analyse results and scale winning tests

The process of conversion rate optimisation is about learning. 

We analyse and understand the test results by doing a deep dive on the results. We look at how different user segments against primary/secondary metrics have performed during the test to make a final call on the winning variation. The last phase also provides us with an opportunity to share what we have learnt from the winner/loser variation during the test.

Our services

Site Audit

The aim is to help you improve leads and sales on your website. To do this we will look into your google analytics, heat map and session record tools, metrics and dimension setup. We will provide you with recommendations that will improve your website’s conversion rate.

Analytics Reporting

We deliver analysis reports on campaigns and daily business analysis. We provide you with outstanding insights that can help your business make the right decisions.

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