Analytics Reporting and Insights

At Anacro we are here to help leverage your business’ best future through data using Google Analytics report and API. We work on B2B, B2C and e-commerce websites.

We are experienced practitioners with these four analytics services:

  • With our clients, we help with deep-dive analysis. We aim to show you whether the data collection your website offers is sufficient. Could there be crucial metrics you’re missing out on that are holding your business? Is the data valid and reliable? That is, are the data measuring what you think you’re measuring (valid) and is it repeatable with the same results (reliable)?
  • We build an easy-to-understand, powerful dashboard that records analytics and informs action.
  • Set up weekly and monthly reports for recording comparisons and tracking performance.
  • We are also available for ad-hoc analysis and reports if you are a business who has had analytics services in the past. This option is suitable for those who have used analytics services in the past but have some suspicions about the accuracy of their data or know that it has been set up in a way that mis-records data.

Our services

Site Audit

The aim is to help you improve leads and sales on your website. To do this we will look into your google analytics, heat map and session record tools, metrics and dimension setup. We will provide you with recommendations that will improve your website’s conversion rate.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

We will deliver a continuous optimisation programme. We will deliver this by setting up a plan, build new variations, Run the tests and continue to share learnings. All you need do is watch conversion rate, sales and leads improve.