About Us

We simplify the process so you can focus on what really matters…

If you want to categorise us, then Anacro is a Digital Analytics and Optimisation Agency. But if you sit with our team or any of our clients, they would tell you that we are much more than that. We are more like that silent, powerful superhero that goes behind the scenes and eventually saves the day. Because, when you think about it, we dissect the numbers, analyse the data, tweak a few things and turn your digital channel into a lean, mean, converting machine.

Our Most Important Client

With close to ten years’ experience in digital analytics and optimisation, it’s tempting to think that’s the reason for our success rate. However, we realised very early on that our success came from focusing on our most important client: You.

We have worked with large Telecom firms and emerging Startup Companies over the years. And our greatest satisfaction comes from helping you achieve your goals. We focus on your business, offering bespoke support to help you expand across platforms.

If you are a StartUp, we give you access to the same tools and services that large corporations use. But unlike a large firm, we are intensely focused on your success.

Strategic Partnerships for Enhanced Performance

Think of us as your partners, more like your in-house digital analysts and CRO team. We take the time to thoroughly understand your business and proffer custom solutions that fuel your growth. As a start-up, we understand your peculiarities and it is that uniqueness that drives us.

For established companies, we work with your team and teach them the results-driven methods we use. If you do not have a web analytics team, then we are happy to provide that support for you. Our methods are strategic and closely aligned with your vision.

Why we do what We do

Building a company takes a lot of work, we know because we’ve been here. Which is why we have a burning desire to see you succeed. We know how important it is to critically analyse the data on your digital channels. A seemingly innocuous change could greatly enhance the performance of your online presence or potentially damage it beyond repair. We have the vision to provide world-class services to your business no matter the size, so you can build a truly scalable and profitable business.


The aim is to help you improve leads and sales on your website. To do this we will look into your google analytics, heat map and session record tools, metrics and dimension setup. We will provide you with recommendations that will improve your website’s conversion rate.


We will deliver a continuous optimisation programme. We will deliver this by setting up a plan, build new variations, Run the tests and continue to share learnings. All you need do is watch conversion rate, sales and leads improve.


We deliver analysis reports on campaigns and daily business analysis. We provide you with outstanding insights that can help your business make the right decisions.



Key Figures

Top tier Telco companies over 2 years
Years of Web Analytics and CRO expertise
more than 1.3b site sessions analysed over 2 years
Million (GBP) estimated revenue generated accross A/B test effort
More than 121 tests analysed and pushed live over the past 2 years

Our Team

Femi Odewumi
Director of Conversion
Babarinde Odewumi
Head of Development

Our team is made up of versatile and dynamic people who are fuelled by growth. With a combined experience of more than a decade in web analytics and CRO, we have the experience you need. But we are also open to change and constantly seeking innovative ways to ensure that your digital channels are performing at their peak.

From our conversion people to the development and content folks, every single member of our team is data-driven. The numbers don’t lie and so that’s where we are focused. We are well versed in different strategies and techniques, including A/B testing.

UK Address
2 Denton Crescent Essex CM77 8ZZ
Nigerian Address
℅ Abba & King Systems LLC. 2nd Floor, The Garnet, Igbo Efon roundabout Lekki, Lagos Nigeria.

Anacro is a Digital Analytics and Conversion Rate Optimisation Agency. Anacro Digital is the operating name of Farvia Consulting ltd. registered in the UK

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